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Biomolecular Therapy
[Isotherapy Treatment]

Biomolecular Auto-Haemotherapy [Isotherapy Treatment] \Isotherapy" is an individual-specific method of treatment from the auto-haemotherapy approach.

Discoveries of modern immunological science is of paramount importance: "the patient & rss blood contains disease-specific reaction products such as antibodies, auto-antibodies, allergic antibodies enzymes, and some of the sensitizing substances which induce a pathogenic effects"

The body does not regard its own reaction products as foreign, [it thinks of it's own products as friend] and therefore the body fails to initiate a counter-reaction. If the disease-specific reaction products are changed or altered so that :"when re-introduced into the body, they are no longer recognized as self [friend] and cause counter-reactions which are immunologically dependent on the antigen or hapten involved", immunological counter-reactions can indeed be induced.

A special technique is used to transform the body's own antibodies into antigens [an enemy]. [This means that counter-reactions are produced to disease-induced or disease-inducing sensitizations]

Thereafter the product is made into a homoeopathic medicine, to be administered to the patient.

Indications for treatment.

Most Auto-immune conditions. Severe exogenous and chronic allergy related conditions, such as: Psoriasis, Eczema, Asthma, Hayfever, Sinusitis

Collagen diseases such as Rheumatic, Arthritic diseases

Major effects are

  • Immunological effect [Increase of the body's own defense system, including a reduction in susceptibility to infections]
  • Reduction of associated symptoms and pain of the specific disease
  • Improvement in 'quality of life'
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