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From illness to wellness

Biomolecular Therapy

Biomolecular vitOrgan therapy has been a most successful therapy for 60 years. It forms a bridge between the so-called fields of orthodox medicine and naturopathy. It makes use of naturally, regulatory and metabolically functioning substances, which are available in both human and animals, to normalize diseases by changing the physiological processes which are no longer in balance – and with this, treating the patient not only symptomatically but also causally.

The therapy does not block, but it regulates instead. That is the central principle of vitOrgan therapy, which treats individuals holistically in a networked manner of thinking, considering them in their entirety. According to this, individual metabolic processes are not only blocked or replaced as is employed in classical orthodox medicine, but rather used in a regulatory manner, whereby self-healing mechanisms are initiated. At times, stimulation is necessary; however, a suppressive effect may also be required, such as in the case of excessive immunoreactions. Here vitOrgan preparations are employed with the corresponding effects. The patient is thereby basically freed from their, “passiveness” and actively involved in the healing. The power lies in us ourselves, and we must simply awaken it. Cells, which are no longer able to conform to the demands of their environment - be it the result of a pathological condition or due to aging - can take advantage of their maximally available metabolic and/or synthesising capacities once again if they are induced through corresponding stimuli.

Biomolecular Auto-Haemotherapy [Isotherapy Treatment] “Isotherapy” is an individual-specific method of treatment from the auto-haemotherapy approach. Discoveries of modern immunological science is of paramount importance: “the patient & rss blood contains disease-specific reaction products such as antibodies, auto-antibodies, allergic antibodies enzymes, and some of the sensitizing substances which induce a pathogenic effects”.

The body does not regard its own reaction products as foreign, and thus fails to initiate a counter-reaction. If the disease-specific reaction products are altered so that "when reintroduced into the body, they are no longer recognized as self and cause counter-reactions which are immunologically dependent on the antigen or hapten involved", immunological counter-reactions can indeed be induced. A special technique is use to transform the body's own antibodies into antigens. [Means that counter-reactions are produced to disease-induced or disease-inducing sensitizations] Thereafter the product is made into a homoeopathic medicine, to be administered to the patient.

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