Butterfly Melita Yvonne Dyason


Licence No.KZN00041D    Practice No. 0805033   Reg No: A01252

From illness to wellness

The Biopuncture Principle

Biopuncture is a therapy whereby specific locations are injected with biological products mainly derived from plants. It can also be injected into acupuncture points. Injecting into these points re-balances the system.

Biopuncture is mainly used for functional disorders. It works on two major levels: a local level [the local treatment], and on a general level [the treatment of the patient's terrain.]

The first level focuses on the actual complaint of the patient [or other elements directly related to the actual complaint], while the second level focuses on the terrain, on the general condition of the patient's body.

The homoeopathic medicine is injected into specific points on the body, which has a stimulation effect on the defense system and in turn has a regulatory effect of the body. It can be combined with and enhances other homoeopathic disciplines.

Biopuncture can benefit patients when :

Biopuncture cannot heal conditions such as :

NB These conditions should only be treated with conventional or alternate medication when indicated.