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From illness to wellness

Your Child

A child is a gift from God
Treasure your child - Love your child - Care for your child
and then
Discipline your child

Discipline - the explanation in the dictionary: Train [someone] to obey rules or a code of behaviour, using punishment to correct

Because the values, beliefs, education, customs and cultures of people vary so widely, along with the age and temperament of the child, methods of child discipline vary widely.
The word discipline is defined as imparting knowledge and skill, in other words to teach. Discipline is used by parents to teach their children about expectations, guidelines and principles.
Children need to be given regular discipline to be taught right from wrong and to be kept safe.

Parenting can be a challenging and a rewarding experience.
How do you want to discipline your child? Do you spank or don't you! If you choose not to spank your child it can be more challenging, as it requires a little more time in forethought, planning, and creativity.

Attention should be given to the concept of "positive parenting" - where good behavior is encouraged and rewarded.

In my view discipline is the most important part of bringing-up your child. If you don't start to discipline your child from a baby you are not being "kind". Without structure - there is no guide-line to follow!
With discipline comes the ability to move through life with ease. Following the natural laws of the universe instill in us, a sense of being a part of the bigger whole. Using this statement as an analogy - by having a few rules to obey will give structure and your child will feel a sense of love, a sense of safety, and obviously from these positive statements, this could instill in your child a sense of confidence. A picture frame always completes the picture.

Lets look briefly at the "Universal Law" just for a moment! In the beginning there was chaos - which refers to the formless or void state before creation of the Universe i.e. the separation of heaven and earth. Then GOD instilled Order out of the Chaos. Every religion, every faith, all creeds believe in a similar happening.
From this happening developed form "Light" and "Dark"
"Light encompassing Day" and the "Dark encompassing Night." The only way this phenomenon could materialize is, by the Earth turning on it's axis, with such precision around the Universal Solar Sun. With this movement of the earth, the Sun rises every day in the East, at sunrise [=Day] and sets every day in the West, at sunset [=Night]
From this, the discipline of the universe began - Rules were created.

If GOD broke the first rule he made, and let the Sun rise in the West, tomorrow. YOU would not be reading my article. The Universe would revert back "I think" to chaos. This thought is not worth, even contemplating!!!

"If we follow GOD's law - we cannot go wrong!"

"GOD does not play dice with the Universe" Einstein

Now let us begin ......... With a few rules!

By dividing your - time, needs, expectations into groups. Now add rules to each group - you will be able to manage them all with ease. When making your rules - they must be realistic. You must be able to apply them!

Lets divide the rules into three categories of action:

  • Some rules are not negotiable
  • Other rules can be bent
  • No rule can be broken

Rules to :

  • keep your child safe. e.g. cannot play with plastic bags - obvious reason - child can suffocate.
  • to eat e.g. set times for meals. By eating at certain times - metabolism works better - blood-sugar kept stable. No trantrums!
  • for play e.g. areas of play and games that can be played - cannot play on top of the roof - obvious reason - dangerous to child
  • for sleep e.g. do not play hectic games just before bed-time - obvious reason - child may not sleep immediately. Does not want to stay in bed. [Battle of wills ensues]
  • to learn e.g. set aside a time every day for story telling or instruction in different subjects.

Nothing is difficult. All of what I have said is common sense. Nothing more. One does not have to have a degree in psychology to get this right.

Every rule broken must have a consequence.

If your children are made aware of what the consequence, will be, if a rule is broken. Then obviously, if they break that rule - they have indirectly, asked you for that punishment.
Punishment should not be metered out in the form of cruelty. Punishment must be a yardstick to measure mis-behaviour and the necessary consequence enforced. Your children wouldn't be children if they did not test limits along with your patience from time to time. You must teach your children what behaviour is acceptable and what is not!

Punishment is a means of asserting your authority while preventing your child from repeatedly making wrong choices.
Always following through with punishments is a good strategy for minimizing defiance and extreme outbursts and tantrums from your children.

One good way of enforcing good behaviour. A good way of punishing a child is to let him/her choose the punishment to be metered out. How are you going to do this?

You Make a Punishment List. On the list are various punishments from not so severe to severe punishments. e.g.
On the list can be:

  • Cannot watch TV for a week
  • Cannot play with their favourite toy for the day
  • Forego pocket money
  • Child to spend a few minutes alone to calm down and think of what he has done. Generally - 1 minute per age
  • Cannot go and play with a special friend

Let your child choose the punishment from the list that he/she feels, is the appropriate measure. From this you can evaluate the severity of his/her perception of the "deed" [They cannot choose the same punishment every time]

If your child is happy and contented - good health will follow.

Homoeopathy can treat

  • All Colds - Influenza, bronchial and asthma conditions
  • Skin conditions – Infections, ulcers, eczema, psoriasis or rash
  • Pain management – Cramps, Colic, teething, earache, tonsillitis
  • Other infections – Thrush, Fungal, Gastric disorders
  • Allergies
  • ADD and ADHD?

I know that when your child starts with a cough, a sneeze, and a runny nose and then develops into a chest infection - can be your worst nightmare! Homoeopathy can treat these symptoms effectively. A major benefit of this treatment - your child should not experience any " Side effects" from the medication.