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Homoeopathic Medicines

Sources of Medication

Homoeopathic medicines are made up from various sources

Plant Substances

Animal Substances

Minerals and Chemical Element Substances

Biological Substances

[There are two groups broken up into Sarcodes and Nosodes]

Homoeopathy Manufacture

Homoeopathy medicines are mostly manufactured in a Laboratory and made in the form of injections, tablets, capsules, suppositories, mixtures, powders and many other mediums.

The medicines are prepared in various formats. To start the process Mother Tinctures MT are made up from the various substances [plant, organ, elements] by steeping them in different strengths of alcohol for different periods of time. Once all the chemicals have been extracted the material is filtered. This becomes the "essence" In this format the MT is the most concentrated form. As the MT of certain substances are poisonous, only the non-poisonous extracts of MT can be used in its original form.

Once this process is complete the substance can be potentized by progressively diluting the MT to reduce the amount of drug to be administered. This is to enhance the therapeutic action and to make the treatment safe from adverse side effects. The medicines are then succussed [i.e. to shake violently]. This is done not only to mix the liquid but also it is believed to energize the potency. In the healing process, it is released as kinetic energy - which assists healing.


The medicines are prescribed by the Homoeopath, who usually has access to a dispensary, where the medication is compounded and/or dispensed, to treat the specific disease, be it acute or chronic.

Some inidcations for treatment