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From illness to wellness

Some Thoughts on Miasmatic and Viscum Album Support Treatment
By Dr Melita Yvonne Dyason

In my discussion with you today, I will with the little time available, try to shed some light on a topic that takes many years of study to grasp and comprehend. These notes are only pointers, or a sketch, in which to lead you to some understanding.

Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, the Father of Homoeopathy, used the term "miasm" to describe the trans-generational causes to disease. The word miasm means an obstacle to cure the deeper roots to diseases. It can be traced back generations, to five primary diseases Hahnemann referred to as miasms. The good news is that these predispositions to disease can all be corrected and cleared using homeopathy.

The five miasms are Cancer, Tubercular (TB), Gonorrhoea (Sycotic), Syphillis, and Psora. Miasms alter the ideal genetic blueprint for our health and can affect our entire being, physically, mentally and emotionally.

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Skin Gonads Mind Mainly Lungs Cells
Leprosy Syphillis Dementia Consumption Tumour


We now may add a sixth to the list.



Psora Miasm [Itch-pustule]

Bacteria, Staphylococcus & Streptococcus are a common cause of soft-tissue infections e.g. pimples, boils erysipelas, bacterial & tubercular leprosy. Viruses e.g. herpes; Fungi e.g. various forms of tinea; animal mites e.g. scabies.

Syphillis Miasm

Sy- [from sygon, fig] or the figwart disease. Primary is the sore. Usually venereal and often congenital. Cancres, Sores on penis, mouth, anus. The excrescences usually manifest themselves first on the genitals and appear usually through a sort of Gonorrhoea.

Sycotic Miasm

Mental malfunction, Psychiatric disorders, Dementia, Degenerative diseases. Loss of mental processes characterized by confusion, disorientation, and stupor of varying degrees.

Tubercular Miasm

Is of bacterial origin. The bacteria [Mycobacterium tuberculosis] can attack any part of the body, but usually attack the lungs. Weakness or fatigue, weight loss, no appetite chills/fever, sweating at night.

Cancer Miasm

A group of diseases in which abnormal cells divide without control. Cells from the malignant growth or tumour can spread through bloodstream or lymph system.

Miasms can be either acquired or inherited. One can acquire a miasm, for example, by contacting gonorrhea, say at age 18. When treated with antibiotics, this form of suppressive therapy can cause gonorrhea to go dormant and become active or show up later in life, physically in the form of allergies, sinus, herpes, vaginitis, warts and tumors. Mental/emotional expression manifests through suspiciousness, jealousy, selfishness or uncontrolled sexual desires. Hence acquired miasms are attained during our lifetime.

The far majority of miasms, however, are inherited. The chances of inheriting miasms, from our family tree, [thousands of years] is much greater that what we might acquire in our own lifetime. Inherited miasms can be active or dormant. A miasm that is active actually causes a present symptomatic picture or expression. The best time to consider using a miasm formula is when the symptoms are present. A dormant miasm is one hidden deep within the body, not expressing any of its possible symptoms.

Miasms exist in various layers within the body, as we work at correcting disease and building health, it is like pealing away the layers of an onion. Regular homoeopathic formulas work to strengthen and restore health to the body according to the symptomatic expressions the body is communicating. When these conditions have tendency to recur or be non-responsive, a deeper acting remedy like a miasm may be needed to more completely correct the condition. As we continue to peal away the disease layers impairing our normal healthy expressions we frequently discover various miasms along the way.

Miasm correction is essential to both the restoration of our health and the eradication of disease from our planet. Miasms are matrixed or integrated into our innermost being, from thousands of years deep into our family tree. Although they are not difficult to correct with homoeopathy, they are not always wiped out in a single blow. Disease patterns are trapped in and throughout the layers of our lives. These layers are like clear overlays.

The Cancer Miasm has two sides emotionally. On one side, you can feel low-spirited and hopeless. It can make you feel like your condition will never improve. This can sometimes trigger anxiety and even fear especially regarding one's health. You can feel overwhelmed, irritable, a victim of circumstances, and overly serious.

On the other side, there is a sort of martyr or manic aspect, that is, you can find yourself taking care of everyone but yourself. You can suddenly feel a burst of energy and clean the house, cabinets, and yes, even the garage. Sometimes this part of the cancer miasm allows you no rest until you catch up on old business such as paperwork or mountains of chores that have accumulated for some time.

On the physical side, you may notice more tiredness, achingness, and headaches. Commonly, pains are more predominant with the Cancer Miasm, that is, sometimes the body simply hurts more. It has an affinity for the digestive tract so there may be stomach or elimination problems. The Cancer Miasm also has a special craving for ice cream and chocolate!

Another good reason to remove the Cancer Miasm is that it controls the health of one's personal finances. People with strong Cancer Miasms have "poverty consciousness", that is, they worry about money, as there is never enough of it. They seem to just make it from one paycheck to the next. Once this miasm is removed, these feelings of restriction change as the individual feels more expanded, free, and affluent.

Viscum Album in Cancer Support Treatment

Mistletoe is a parasitic plant. It does not grow in the soil (not the species referred to by Steiner) but in the bark of trees. It grows perpendicular to the branch in which it thrusts its sucker, and it does not obey many of the laws of the plant kingdom. For instance, its berries ripen in winter, without warmth. It stores up chlorophyll and is green all year long and is indifferent to light. It is thus neither, geotropic or phototropic and this is the fact that fascinated Anthroposophical researchers Kaelin and Leroi.


Cancer diagnosis is always a very difficult situation for a patient or a family member to deal with. The patient is now confronted with fears and questions never even thought of before. Modern anti cancer therapy consist of three basic treatments:

Gene therapy, immunotherapy and anti-angiogenesis therapy is currently being further developed. These therapies are evidence based and common knowledge in orthodox medicine.

In the last 20 to 30 years Complementary and Alternative Medicine has become more and more popular with patients. In the field of chronic and life threatening diseases where orthodox medicine is not able to provide a cure, patients are looking for other alternatives. Often the oncologist or general practitioner is not aware of the alternative support treatments available.

Today, Mistletoe preparations are principally advocated by physician practicing in special clinics in Switzerland and Germany. These clinics have been operating as far back as the 1920’s and have treated more than 80,000 patients. In several European countries and in South Africa, Mistletoe is registered for commercial purposes and can be legally prescribed.

Although there have been few claims that Mistletoe reduces tumour size, proponents believe that it stimulates the immune system, promotes the reversion of cancerous cells to more differentiated forms, improves general well-being and may improve survival, especially in patients with cancer of the cervix, ovary, breast, stomach, colon and lung. Proponents also recommend its use in certain conditions that place them at increased risk of cancer, such as ulcerative colitis, cervical dysplasia, leucopenia, Crohn’s disease, papillomatosis of the bladder or colon, and senile keratosis.

Medication is prepared from the whole mistletoe plant. Mistletoe is harvested twice a year. In summer, when the plant has reached the peak of its vegetative development, and in winter, when its development of buds and fruit is at rest and has more or less come to a halt. The mistletoe preparations are derived from the plant grown on specific trees.

Mistletoe is packaged in ampoules and is injected subcutaneously into the abdominal wall, or near the tumour site if possible. The treatment regimen is adjusted according to the patient’s general condition. It requires that injections be given 2 – 5 times per week.

Several studies indicated an improvement in immune function, quality of life and even survival. The vast majority of articles on clinical results are therefore in German and in non-peer reviewed journals. However, a number of clinical studies and review articles have now appeared in the English-language literature. Proponents advise that Viscum Album is compatible with chemotherapy and radiotherapy, and usually administered before surgery