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During June and December around the 2oth to the 22nd

The Northern or Southern Solstice occurs  - this is when the orbit of the earth is most inclined toward or away from the sun.  This happens two times a year.

Why I mention this, is due to the fact that - this happening in the sky makes for our seasons.

June every year, it is the first day of summer phase in the Northern hemisphere and is the first day of winter phase in the Southern hemisphere.  In the Northern hemisphere, the summer months - the longest days and shortest nights are June, July and August.

Therefore, during these months of the year, in our country, we are experiencing - the shortest days and longest nights - our winter phase.

During winter - the magic words are immunity and prevention. 

It is the time for colds and flu to thrive.  Respiratory tract infections, if not treated, can develope into more serious respiratory conditions.

This is a time when we need to take precautions. Viruses are rife during this period and can be passed on - one to another. 

Prevention is better than cure.  What precaution can you take to ensure good health during this period.


We have medication for the treatment of colds and also medication for the treatment of influenza.  Also, upper respiratory conditions, throat and nasal infections respond beautifully to homoeopathic medication.