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From illness to wellness

Pregnancy and your Baby

Without even knowing it, for the past few months, you have been protecting the foetus by providing your love, tenderness and sustenance that is needed to develop into a healthy baby at birth.

After birth, you can continue this caring for you baby.

Homoeopathic medicines are manufactured in "State of the Art" Laboratories and made in the form of injections, tablets, capsules, suppositories, mixtures, powders and many other Mediums. These medicines are registered with the Council, are recognised as legal, safe and all have Nappi Codes.

The Dr of Homoeopathy, who is registered with a Compounding & Dispensing Licence and has access to a dispensary, prescribes these medicines. The medication is compounded and/or dispensed, to treat the specific disease, be it acute or chronic.

The medicine is administered after consultation with the Doctor. The amount and duration of the medication will be dispensed according to the diagnosis of the specific disease.

Some indications of treatment for your baby

I know that when your baby starts with a cough, a sneeze, and a runny nose and then develops into a chest infection. This can be your worst nightmare! A baby's immune system is immature and not yet fully developed, therefore, infections can take hold quickly. Homoeopathy can treat these symptoms effectively. Another benefit of this treatment - your baby should experience "No side effects" from the medication.

Miasmatic Treatment during Pregnancy

Miasmatic Treatment is a Treatment administered to woman during their pregnancy.

Over eons of time, the health of mankind has deteriorated to the extent that disease becomes chronic earlier in one's lifetime, with the consequence of becoming reliant more and more on the need for constant medication.

I would like to share with you today - the benefit that homoeopathic medication can give to the Mother during pregnancy. This specific medication is called "Miasmatic" and the administration, concept and action is similar to the vaccination, which endeavour to protect the baby against specific diseases.

The administration of this treatment is a course of the five miasmatic doses – given to the Mother during her pregnancy. The oral doses are administered over a period of four to six months. By administering one dose of each of the miasms:

1.  Psora 2.  Syphilitic   3. Sycosis 4.  Tubercula 5.  Cancer


Over the period of the pregnancy, the foetus is being prepared to deal with these specific illnesses, after birth.

The following table refers to our character traits that we exhibit and the disease that manifests in certain illness.

The human being with his self consciousness goes beyond animal. He can think, he can imagine, can voluntarily remember, act freely, can be creatively active, etc.

The miasmatic progression of disease, and illness is as follows :

Miasmatic Table

  1 2 3 4 5 6
Progression of Disease Psora
The itch
Over production
Lack control
HIV& Aids
Character traits Highs & Lows
Delusion Anxiety, Fears
Sudden Despair Violent
Cannot trust

Jealous & Tense
Lack tolerance

Resentful Despair & Hopelessness Self destruction
Manifestation of illness Main action on the skin Ulceration & Destruction of
tissue. Disorder

&  deformities
Growth like warts. Attack on internal organs Respiratory imbalance. Tumours.  Growths Immune compromised
Please forgive me for simplifying a subject to such an extent. A subject that is extremely complex in its application. My need, is for you to get a feel for this interesting subject.