Butterfly Melita Yvonne Dyason


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From illness to wellness

The Butterfly

Metamorphosis - from 'egg to adult'. The symbol of freedom, of sprightly grace, of all that cannot be tethered, caged or tamed.

Butterflies are instantly familiar and also universally popular. They seem to escape the general revulsion reserved for most other insects, perhaps because they do not bite, sting, carry disease or [in the adult form] do any serious damage.

No other animals show such versatility in their appearance. Many butterflies are among the most gorgeous of creatures noted for their glorious colours and are truly the "jewels of creation" Its life cycle is no less remarkable than the beauty of the adult. Few of nature's transformations have excited so much wonder at that in which the crumpled lump of the pupa unfolds into a masterpiece of symmetrical design. The transformation of the frequently ugly and often bizarre caterpillar into an elegant butterfly is one of the regularly performed miracles of Nature. This natural conjuring trick of turning beast into beauty also included an ecological subtlety: the larva and the adult are able to lead totally different life styles - thus enabling these two stages of the life cycle to avoid competing with each other for the same food.

From earliest times, the butterfly form has been celebrated in the art and poetry of many different cultures. Butterfly legends and beliefs have become incorporated into the folklore of many countries.

Aristotle was spellbound as he observed the metamorphosis in the caterpillars of the white butterflies riddling his cabbages.

The Greeks believed them to be departed souls of the dead, and in their mythology, the goddess Psyche and was often depicted as a maiden with the wings of a butterfly. The emergence of the adult butterfly from its pupae represented a personification of the human soul.

The Slavs opened a door or window to permit the soul of a dead person, often shown in the form of a butterfly, to escape from the body. The Rumanian country folk believed that butterflies originated from the tears of the Virgin Mary and in later Christian are the metamorphosis of the butterfly became a symbol of the Resurection